Betaine Hydrochloride for Animal Nutrition
Class:Animal Nutrition

● CAS No.: 590-46-5 

● Molecular formula: C5H11NO2·Hcl

● Molecular weight:153.61

● Melting point: 241-242 °C 

● Solubility :64.7 g/100 mL (25 ºC)

● Higher purity 98%min

● Certified by FAMI-QS,Eurofins,ISO,Kosher,Halal,third party test report for quality checking

● Much lower residue on ignition

● No heavy metals

● No trimethylamine 

● No free chlorine 


white crystalline powder 

Assay(dry basis)


Loss on drying


Residue on ignition


PH (10% solution)




● High efficient methyl donor,partially replace methionine &choline chloride .

● Take part in the biochemical reaction, helpful to the synthesis & metabolism of protein and nucleic acid.

● Promote fat metabolism,increase the lean meat proportion

● Inhibit fat deposition protect the liver.

● Regulate osmotic pressure,reduce stress response,improve animal anti-stress ability.

● Good phagostimulant for aquatic animals.

● Protect the intestinal epithelial cells, improve animal immunity.

● Protect vitamin and other nutrients in the premix.

● Important raw material for taylorstreptozotocin.


Shelf life:12 months

Storage condition:Keep in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place, and store at room temperature in the original container. Protect from light, heat and moist air.

Transport:Package should be prevented broken package, moisture, rain, sunscreen.Prohibited the toxic, harmful, corrosive and other contaminated items mixed storage, mixed transport.